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The Universal Media Device Mounting System

About TOPshelf

Why start a business?

Every idea starts somewhere and this one started with a one year old little girl trying to play with things that she shouldn't play with. 

Wires and cables are obviously no good for a lil bit to play with but they are so tempting... and what do you do as a parent... you try to remove anything that could harm your lil one... Hence the dilemma I saw and the need for a solution.   

What is TOPshelf?

An engineered solution to the question,

"Where do I put this?"

Development and Creativity

First trial of mounting a sound bar using 2 of these mounting systems. This is not approved  for use yet due to weight limitations and the fact that we're not trying to break anything. 


TOPshelf - The Universal Media Device Mounting System

Do you have a flat panel TV or monitor?

Do you have a media device or receiver and you would like a convenient place to put it so your wires and cables are hidden?

If so, this product may be just what you need! 

This mounting system will work with most small media devices such as:

Apple TV 

Fire TV 

Direct TV (Genie  boxes)



Small speakers

Web cams

Gaming cameras

Home décor

Garden gnomes

Small plants

Sound Bars..... working on this but it might work...

And so many more...

Fire TV

Even though this device is line of sight this mounting system works perfectly for putting this up and out of the way with a clean, functional, and stylish design.   

Direct TV (Genie / remote room box)

For a line of sight device like this the remote must see the box and this is the only product that offers a solution to mounting in a position that allows this to be right where you need it.  

Where do you get it?


Production release parts are now available. Get them by following the link below or you can also find them on Amazon

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